How to Use the Dog Calorie Calculator

Welcome to our Dog Calorie Calculator, the perfect tool to help you determine the right amount of food for your dog or puppy. Our calculator is designed to be user-friendly and provide you with a customized feeding amount tailored to your dog’s specific needs. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Enter Your Dog’s Ideal Weight: Start by entering your dog’s ideal weight in pounds. This is the foundation for calculating the calorie requirements.
  2. Select the Activity Level: Choose the activity level that best describes your dog’s daily routine. Whether your pup is a couch potato or a frisbee-catching superstar, we have options to match their lifestyle.
  3. Calories Per Cup: Input the number of calories contained in one cup of your dog’s food. You can usually find this information on the dog food packaging or from the manufacturer’s website.
  4. Number of Meals: Finally enter the number of meals you feed your dog per day. Once all the information is entered our calculator will do the math and display the number of cups of food your dog should eat per day to maintain their ideal weight.
  5. Adjust as Needed: Remember, the results are a starting point. Monitor your dog’s weight and condition, and adjust the portions as necessary. If you need more assistance, send us a message.

Our Dog Calorie Calculator is a convenient way to make informed decisions about your dog’s nutrition. Give it a try and take the first step towards a healthier, happier pet!


Our Dog Calorie Calculator uses a special formula called the Resting Energy Requirement (RER) to figure out how many calories your dog needs. Here’s a simple breakdown of how it works:

  1. Weigh Your Dog: Find out your dog’s weight and convert it to kilograms if it’s not already.
  2. Calculate the RER: The actual formula for computing the Resting Energy Requirement (RER) for dogs is:

    This formula calculates the amount of calories your dog needs at rest to perform essential bodily functions like breathing, digestion, and circulation1. It’s a starting point for determining your dog’s daily calorie intake before considering their activity level and other factors. Remember to convert your dog’s weight from pounds to kilograms if needed (1 kg = 2.20462 lbs).

  3. Adjust for Activity: Since every dog is different, we multiply the RER by a number that matches how active your dog is. This gives us the total calories they need to go about their day.

So, the RER is the starting point, and then we tweak it based on whether your dog is more of a couch potato or an athlete. It’s a smart way to make sure your dog gets just the right amount of food!

Cyndi Smasal, CPDT-KA

Cyndi Smasal, CPDT-KA

Certified Professional Dog Trainer / Integrative Pet Specialist

Author, Pet Nutrition Specialist and Pet Care/Health Coach

About Cyndi Smasal

Cyndi is the founder and Chief Dog Lover of Pawtastic Pet Solutions.
She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and has been doing in-home dog training since 2016.

Cyndi has a broad set of skills, knowledge and experience spanning two decades. She calls herself an Integrative Pet Specialist. Prior to being a dog trainer, Cyndi authored two books, studied canine nutrition and natural pet care.

For the past 18 years, Cyndi has turned her love of one dog, Norman (the subject of her first book), into a passion for all dogs. She’s helped thousands of pet parents through her books and hundreds have consulted with her about their own dogs.